Choosing an Engineering School

Engineering is a booming industry, and students today have a wealth of options available to them when it comes to choosing an engineering field. An important distinction in engineering programs is found between the two-year engineering technology degree and the four-year engineering degree. Engineering technology is typically a more practical, hands-on field, while engineering incorporates more theory. A student should think carefully about what kind of job he or she expects to have after graduation. Does it require a two- or four-year degree? Students pursuing the engineering technology option generally can work toward an associate of applied science degree, which is a terminal degree, or toward an associate of science degree, which can be applied to studies toward a bachelor degree.

Other factors to think about include a school's environment, and whether it is more competitive or easy going, if programs are more practical or theoretical, and if it can meet one's academic goals and social needs. Students need to look into a school's library and find out if there is a separate engineering library. They should make sure lab facilities are up-to-date. Internship and co-op opportunities are important too, especially in a tight job market. Some students also might be interested in studying abroad, dual-degree programs, and research opportunities. Each personal consideration should be researched carefully before making such a monumental decision.

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